Passione Animali was born from the love of two brothers for animals and for the nature of this wonderful planet

We firmly believe that every living being deserves to be loved and respected. Just as we have been since we were children, raised by our mother in contact with animals and educated by her to respect all creatures of this world. As children we were shown how much unconditional love animals, small or large, can give, but above all how much they have to teach. And we have treasured these precious teachings.

Growing up, in fact, we are committed to helping and supporting, with our resources, associations and bodies dedicated to the defense, care and protection of animals; but no matter how hard we tried, the abuses and violence against small and large creatures continued to exist. This has become unacceptable to us. We feel fully responsible for the defense and protection of animals and the very nature of this precious world!

This is how Passione Animali was born. We began to think: how we can contribute to making the world a better place This motivation has pushed the family of Passione Animali to provide free and concrete information to people, with the aim of raising awareness and informing others on the issues of the animal world. Only with knowledge, in fact, can awareness be created..

Our mission is to create a better relationship between people and animals: we are sure they will both benefit enormously!