Playing with dog and cat allows us to entertain them and enjoy ourselves, as well as being a fantastic way to strengthen our bond with them. But gambling must also be taken seriously: here are some simple tips for playing healthily

The game is a serious matter: yes, even for our animal friends, who spend a good chunk of their time playing. Not just during the first months or years of life,in fact, the game accompanies dogs and cats throughout their lifea and is a phenomenal learning method for puppies and young adults. If it is true that there are some breeds that are more predisposed to play - think, among dogs, of the Labrador and the Golden Retriever, which have always been defined as eternal Peter Pan for their inexhaustible desire to play - it is equally true that all but all animals housekeepers enjoy playing moments. It is enough to know how to structure them adequately.a.


Dogs and cats need partially different ways of playing, what unites them is the use of the predatory instinct as a stimulus to play: that's right, maybe you've never noticed butwhen your friend is playing, most of the time he is mimicking a hunting actiona.
Let's think, for example, of the dog chasing the ball, the most classic of games: the ball that runs and bounces re-proposes the behavior of a prey that runs away, an action able to ignite the interest and instinct of our dog in no time at all.ta giant tennis ball it will be a very welcome gift!)


The dog must be able to finalize the hunting action to be satisfied: the ball - or the object chosen for the game - represents the prey and the dog must be able to do what he wants with it once conquered. Of course, sometimes this means destroying the ball in question: if you want to prevent this from happening,, offer the dog an advantageous exchange, offering him a treat in food or another object that he can nibble at his pleasure.
In this way the game will end in a positive way and you will also prevent your friend from becoming possessive with the items acquired during this playful hunt. To minimize this risk, also avoid snatching what he has just conquered from his mouth: you would teach him to guard even more jealously what he is holding between his teeth, and he could even swallow it so as not to have it taken away.a.


For the cat the question is partly different: our feline friend also loves to hunt, but his interest is concentrated more on the phases that precede the capture of the prey. He is the wizard of stalking and ambushing:you will make him happy by stimulating his instinct through small objects to be placed at a certain distance from himand to move slightly from time to time to keep his interest alive. Or by hiding them behind corners or furniture. Get ready: a cat can take minutes before pouncing on the attack!

Cats love to stake their prey, but it is also important for them to be able to conquer and take their prey in their mouth, just like dogs do. Not only,, many cats love to wrestle with the newly caught toyo”, for this reason there are special games that can be bitten, grabbed and kicked with the hind legs. The latter especially may seem like a funny behavior but it is part of their nature..
Precisely because even for cats the capture is a very important moment of the hunting action, it is necessary not to abuse games that never allow it to be concluded; an example is the hugely popular laser pointer: the red dot that amuses cats and forces them to do funny stunts in an attempt to catch it. It is better to organize short and time-delayed play sessions, so the cat has fun but does not risk getting overexcited. This automatic laser gamefor example, it turns off after 15 minutes of activity.


This reflection leads us to conclude this article on how to play with cats and dogs correctly with an advice that is valid for both species:always vary the types of game without focusing on a single type..
Even dogs can in fact become obsessive towards certain types of play, such as the ball or the push and pull with the owner; when the arousal becomes too high, the chances of losing self-control increase and with it those inhibitions that allow man and dog to play together without risk.hi. The dog could then, for example, bark insistently to get the ball thrown continuously, or mistakenly bite our hand while trying to win the object with which we are playing the push and pull..

To avoid these and other problems, keep your eyes peeled for any changes in the behavior of our animal friends during the game and, above all,few rules but very clear and shared. Consistency is the best ally in the relationship with dogs and cats.

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- Author: Anna Pozzi

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